1. Love what you are doing

2. Newsletter

The Alentejo BOLETIM Newsletter is a free service for the subscribers. If you like our work and want to support us, give us a donation or offer practical help!
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3. Submit an Article

Write articles about your community and publish them in the Alentejo BOLETIM.

We want to present diverse information, not only cultural events, but also lectures, workshops, seminars, political and spiritual gatherings, alternative schooling, exchange projects etc.. Be creative! Tell us whats going on with your business or in your community. If you have an ‘open-doors-day’ – communicate it.

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4. Submit your events

* Small local businesses, start-ups, non-profit projects:  

Generally free for your events or flyer, donation welcome

* Commercial Events/Businesses (e.g. retreats, workshops, parties, restaurants): 

We promote your event, you share (a tiny bit) of your profit with us – and help to keep the service free for others and support the development of great potential of the Alentejo.

  • Publication of one event/businesses: 20€ per publication/months
  • For more than one event in a months: 10€ for the first, 5€ for any additional publication/months (For regular events or posts, check out the possibility of a membership)
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5. Membership

 Coming soon

6. Advertising

There are different options for your advertisements on the Alentejo Boletim website:

1.  Advertisement with a link to your website:

  • on the front page OR event calendar:  20€ per month
  • on the front page AND event calendar:  40€ per month

(Size and format of the picture or flyer are the same as for the events, please see above)

2.  Full post (article about your business or event) on the website: 50€


Contact us  if you need help to create a flyer or text!